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7 inch Mini Pinpointer MP-7.0W waterproof metal probe which has been developed in April 2013 and it is the smallest hand-held pinpointer designed to precisely pinpoint metallic ( ferrous and nonferrous ) objects during treasure recovery and Gold Hunting. The Metal Probe is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets.

Audible with LED and silent vibration alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. With a pinpointing tip ( more sensitive than ) with side-scan capability. It is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of ( grain size ) metallic objects in a wide variety of hunting conditions. An LED flashlight assists in dark and low light conditions adjustable brightness. Sensitivity can be adjusted by fingers ( adjustments of potentiometer voltage ) you can detecting dim. 3-5 mm gold kernel. It also can be used on the ground for metal material ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand.

MP-7.U underwater metal probe equipped with inside ON/Off button it can hunting underwater deeper than 300 feet.
one body 0.55 inch tip probe is the ideal digging tool dont worry about broken when you pry the ground MP-7.0 is an indispensable tool to:
1. Speed target recovery
2. Prevent digging large holes
3. Accurately find small objects
4. Underwater or Underground hunting
5. Locate nails and metal wall studs in homes
6. Identify multiple objects in near proximity
7. Search in tight interior areas such as walls and ceilings

switch button can send SOS distress signal light
you just slightly push and release  the button
the light can be found 4 KM away at night.

The cover has tighten slot
do screw tighten with coin
before underwater hunting
do not worry about broken
Specification Metal Probe - Treasure ( Gold grain ) Pinpointer
Case construction: One body High impact ABS
Operating Temperatures: -30°F(-35°C) to 150°F(68°C)
Underwater Distance: 0~30 feet 30~100 feet ( inside ON/Off button ) 100~300 feet ( inside ON/Off button )
Operating Frequency: 105kHz
1. Buzzer alarm ( waterproof model: Min sound output dB 70 )
2. Silent / Vibration ( Motor rpm 15000 )
3. LED Alert Lights Green: Power ON
Red: Alarm condition
Controls: Power switch Operation( ON ⇒ Buzzer ⇒ Vibration ⇒ LED flashlight ⇒ OFF )
Battery: 1 x 9 volt block alkaline or rechargeable Li-ion  battery 220 - 580mAh
provides up to 10 - 40 hours of normal operation. on each 2-3 hour recharge
Dimensions: Length: 7" ( 17cm )
Diameter: Probe end: 1.3 cm ( 0.50 inches )
Handle End: 4.3 cm ( 1.69 inches)
Thickness: 0.12 inch (3mm) tapered to 0.08 inch ( 2 mm )
Scan Area: 3.14" ( 80 mm ) long; 360° plus tip
Unit N. Weight: 150g without Battery
Unit G. Weight: 270g ( with 9V Li battery, Nylon holster , PVC lock, Luxury Rope, gift box and battery charger)
Model ID LED
LED Flashlight
( beam - feet )
Sensitivity Waterproof / Underwater
( for your choice )
( dB )

0.6 inch gold coin 0.1 inch gold grain
Yes Yes Yes Yes 30 on land 1.2 tip   
1.5 side
0.03 tip   
0.05 side
On land detecting only
( it can be used in rain )
Yes Yes Yes Yes 20 in water 1.2 tip   
1.5 side
0.03 tip   
0.05 side
Underwater 30 feet 35

Operating Instructions:
Before detection, sensitivity must be tuned for maximum sensitivity-critical point, sensitivity adjustment and setting can help you to detecting more deeper and accuracy, to do so, Please press On/off button to power on and follow the instruction bellow:
  1. Switch the detector on by pressing the power button while holding the detector away from any metallic objects. To avoid canceling out the target, do not turn on the MP while it is adjacent to the target. The Green Power LED will illuminate and one brief audio beep will occur, indicating the MP is ready for use.

  2. Sensitivity Adjustment: find the sensitivity yellow copper button S on the Control Board turn left for max depth highest sensitivity and turn Clockwise is for less sensitivity Note: Different media,you need adjust sensitivity when you hunting in different place eg.
Air Water Sand Mud
  1. When you detecting in water:
    put probe 1 inch in water and adjust Sensitivity before hunting

  2. When you detecting in sand:
    put probe 1 inch in sand and adjust Sensitivity before hunting

  3. When you detecting in mud:
    put probe 1 inch in mud and adjust Sensitivity before hunting
All metals will be detected including ferrous and non-ferrous.
Grain Distance Ring Distance Nugget Distance Bowl Distance
Tip detecting
> 0.03 inch
Side detecting
> 0.04 inch
Tip detecting
> 0.8 inch
Side detecting
> 1.2 inch
Tip detecting
> 1.2 inch
Side detecting
> 1.6 inch
Tip detecting
> 2 inch
Side detecting
> 2.5 inch
You should use Metal Probe to precisely locate your metallic target.
  1. As you move the tip of the MP closer to the target object, the detector's vibrations or audible beeps will be warning.
  2. Side-Scan recovery: One of the key features of the MP is its side-scan detection ability.
    This feature allows you to quickly search a large area. Hold the MP on its side, flat against the target and quickly scan back and forth.
    Once the general location of the target is known, use the tip of the MP to precisely locate the target.
  3. Water recoveries: Another key feature of the MP detector is that it is fully waterproof
    This allows you to search in rain and wet areas without concern of damaging your MP.

    The Green LED Light will illuminate when the MP is on and this light will remain on until the power button is pressed again to switch off the unit.
    This mini flashlight feature is useful when operating in low light situations.

  1. Waterproof ( power control switch button is out on side )
    audio ( loud voice ) + LED + vibrating Alert which can be switched
    equiped with flashlight and brightness adjustable

  2. Underwater < 2 meters ( power control switch button is out on side )
    audio( lower voice ) + LED + vibrating Alert which can be switched even underwater
    equiped with flashlight and brightness can be setting before underwater hunting

  3. Underwater > 45 meters ( power control switch button is inside body )
    audio + LED + vibrating Alert can not be switched when you underwater,
    equiped with flashlight and brightness can be setting before underwater hunting

  4. Underwater > 90 meters ( power control switch button is inside body )
    audio + vibrating Alert can not be switched when you underwater,
    so you must setting alert modus before screw on

please inform your specific requirement and contact us for further information
Model Underwater deepth Audio alarm LED alarm Vibrating Alert Flashlight Sensitivity Adjustment
MP-7.0-3 3 meter ( 10 feet ) 1PC
MP-7.0-45 45 meter (150 feet ) 2PCs
MP-7.0-90 90 meter (300 feet ) side transparent top transparent
  • Battery Charging
    When the battery becomes low, the LED light will be dark. It indicates that the detector's 9V battery should be charged as soon as possible by
    unscrewing the battery cover and use Adaptor or ( Solar Charger) only 2 hours the battery will full of power and hand-tighten the battery cover.
    9V Li battery 580mAH
    Solar Charger option
  • Cleaning Your MP
    MP meets IEC 60529 IP 66 dust and water-resistancy standards. you can search mudday and wet areas without concern of damaging your probe.

    MP-W is water resistant, however, avoid spraying water directly into to speaker grill and do not submerge the entire detector in water
    MP-U is underwater Model so you can put into water to clean and detecting

    To remove dired dirt, mud or other debris from your Metal Probe, simply hand-clean it with soap and water, Rinse with running water.
    Do not use any type of abrasive or chemical cleaners.
    Do not affix metallic labels (or any material that might cause the detector to alarm) to the detection area of the MP. Doing so might cause an imbalance within the detection field and thereby reduce scanning effectiveness.
    ← Wireless Earphone ( option )

    detect needle dia. 0.023 inch / 0.6 mm
    Warranty details:
    • 3 years Limited (Items excluded are batteries, shipping costs and damage due to abuse, corrosion, modifications)
      Probe has been connected by separable circuit board and the bar magnets and ABS plastic tube parts
      1. Circuit board 2 year warranty (using) + 1 year warranty (in stock)
      2. ABS plastic tube 3 year warranty
      3. The bar magnets warranty 6 year

    • The dealer can get the appropriate accessories to replace parts within warranty period free of charge
    • You can get the replace parts within 3-5 working days when we receiving your information
    • You also can buy Circuit board and ABS plastic tube and other spare parts and special disassembling tool to replace in your local office
    • Every probe has been marked with serial number separately so do not remove any label and sign on the parts
    • The user can get owner's operation manual and probe agents can get dealer's maintenance manual books

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